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Diamond Tail Ranch

Homes of Enchantment Parade


We are excited to announce that one of our homes at Diamond Tail Ranch was in the Albuquerque 2009 ‘Homes of Enchantment Parade’.  The selected house owned by Ed and Ana Tilton, is an extraordinary example of Southwestern elegance set in a private landscape surrounded by extensive views. It was designed by Levi Romero and built by Matt Pacheco of MRP Design and Construction Inc. who is known as the ‘Lizard King’ because he includes a fabulous lizard sculpture in every one of his completed projects. Pacheco considered the environment when constructing this energy efficient and livable authentic adobe home on our ranch full of history, wildlife and starry nights.

Pacheco explained that working at Diamond Tail Ranch was easy and enjoyable. He loved coming to work every day to the peaceful and calm area encircled by mountains. Another plus was that Diamond Tail Ranch had already established paved roads which made for easy delivery of materials and all of the water, gas, and electrical amenities were prepared underground so he had a head start in the building process from day one. He also mentioned that general manager Dan Dennison was influential in making the project run smoothly. Pacheco declares he would be happy building homes at Diamond Tail Ranch for the rest of his life.

This traditional adobe is more environmentally friendly than some of the modern framing homes that claim to be ‘green’. The natural insulation makes for the perfect temperatures at all times. As Pacheco says, this method of building has been used in the area for hundreds of years and it offers long-lasting proven results. The house feels good to walk into. The interior walls were given a diamond plaster treatment with an additional beeswax polish which leaves them smooth and divine to touch. The flooring is stained concrete and the colors are all customized to intertwine together between surfaces and rooms. He created customized interior and exterior sconces that blend lighting harmoniously into the walls. Each of the five fireplaces are shaped differently and niches are expertly merged with other carefully considered details built into the walls. The exterior walls gently taper out at the bases exactly as they do on older adobes. The stucco is 100% natural (non-plastic) and the color was custom-mixed for this home. The roofline was specifically designed to mimic the layered views of the surrounding mountains and mesas. Of course, Pacheco also molded a larger-than-life lizard at the covered portal.

Pre-planned specifics were also attended to such as exterior hookups for an outdoor barbecue that could be installed later, and additional electrical options. The water heater unit is state-of-the-art  for water and radiant floor heating. The electrical system is computerized.

Pacheco explained that when the foundation was being dug, they came across a huge vein of rock. Instead of seeing this as a hindrance they harvested the rock and used  it for all of the retaining walls surrounding the home and for the landscaping installations and borders. The colors of the rocks blend the house into the natural surroundings perfectly. The landscaping is native xeriscaping and on a drip sprinkling system.

The Tiltons said that Pacheco was very thoughtful and creative with a good eye for design and they would definitely work with him again. Ed Tilton said that all he had to do was say yay or nay to what the architect and builder presented but in reality he did some of the carpentry for the master closet and the customized wine cellar racks. Ana Tilton tied things together with detailed design. She selected doors from Rio Woodworks and Design with different motifs carved in each, and light fixtures that compliment the carefully chosen artwork and furniture.

The successful project is a result of the relationships between the master-planned community of Diamond Tail Ranch, the owners, architect, and builder.  All enjoyed the experience of the project and it is truly an extraordinary and creative home combining comfort, beauty, and environmental consciousness. The perfectly sized home fits into both the landscape and the cultural traditions of the area.

The dates & times for the parade were:

October 10th -11th                                 11am-5pm

October 16th, 17th & 18th                  11am-5pm

October 23rd, 24th & 25th               11am-5pm

More information can be found about the parade at the following link: