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Diamond Tail Ranch


All water in Diamond Tail Phase II comes from shared wells that are provided by the developer. Each shared well may be used by 8 homes with maximum annual usage at 1/3 acre feet of water (108,617 gallons) per household.

All water in the community is from wells.  An important consideration here in the Southwest is that water resources in any area can vary considerably based upon geological and other natural conditions including the available aquifer. Sometimes there are generalizations about water in Placitas that may or may not be accurate depending upon the precise location.

Extensive studies and analysis have been undertaken for the Diamond Tail development by John Shomaker & Associates, Inc, a premier hydrogeology consulting firm in New Mexico. This work has been extensively reviewed by the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer which evaluates water availability requests made to Sandoval County.

The conclusion of the analysis undertaken by the State Engineer’s office simply states, “The subdivider [Diamond Tail Ranch] can furnish water sufficient in quantity to fulfill the maximun annual water requirements for the subdivision, including water for indoor and outdoor domestic uses for a period of 100 years.”

Specific and extensive studies were conducted assuming full use of all wells in Diamond Tail for 100 years. The analysis concluded, per the State Engineer’s report, “ After 100 years of pumping the maximum drawdown within the subdivision is estimated at 6.5 feet and the maximum drawdown at north boundary is estimated at 6.4 feet.”  This is from a depth of water for the wells (saturated thickness) according to John Shomaker & Associates to be in excess of 1,000 feet. To summarize, we have a plentiful water supply at Diamond Tail.

In addition to the hydrogeological studies, 14 wells in Phase I have been drilled and all wells for Phase II have been completed.  All have yielded successful results.

Extensive written analysis has been completed for water resources in Diamond Tail and are available for those interested in more detail. Additionally, Sandoval County prepared an overall water quantity analysis for Placitas and a link to this extensive report is available from www.sandovalcounty.com in the section of County Departments for the County Development Department under water studies.  In this section one can find the Shomaker report about Diamond Tail.


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